Christmas Bombing in Nashville:

Motives and Message

Yes, this is a micro-metaphor for everything right now.

On Christmas Day 2020, an explosion of epic scale rocked downtown Nashville. The Explosion destroyed a city block, yet only there were just a handful of injuries and no casualties at all - except for the mastermind himself. Later discovered to be Anthony Quinn Warner, there is still no official statements on a motive, or existence of a manifesto.

UPDATE - Police detectives did investigate the bomb in August 2019, but clearly did little/nothing to prevent it.

At End Times Live, we have gone down every rabbit hole to understand the motive and the message. The explosion was one of the largest in American history, so there must be a reason why.

Most importantly, the target was an AT&T Data Center, which exploded and immediately flooded. Every precaution was taken by the bomber to protect human life, and no one was killed.

Top Motives, explained:

-Anger over alleged election fraud

- Opposition to 5G

- Massive SolarWinds Hack

- Historic Georgia Election

- Performance Art

- What was the message behind "Downtown", the 1965 song played right before the explosion.

Together, these explanations help paint a picture of what is going on right now in America, and also pique the interest that there could be a larger conspiracy to subvert a larger 'wake up' call.
Just because no one was killed doesn't mean that we should't understand what happened and why.

Because of COVID, there is the death toll of 9/11 every day, yet leadership is still telling everyone just to relax and try to get back to normal. But maybe that's just to keep our heads down.

There are still more questions than answers. But you will never guess where the song "Downtown" takes us! Stick with us as we delve deep into the Nashville Christmas Explosion.

Christmas Morning - ~5:30am.

In the quiet streets in the heart of downtown Nashville, 8-12 gun shots ring out. Someone calls the police. Ten minutes later, more gunshots. These were just warning shots to attract attention from the police to lock down the area.

As the police come to investigate, they find an RV parked outside of the AT&T building, blaring an alarm alert warning everyone to "Evacuate Now". The countdown alarm continues for at least 15 minutes, and like out of a scene of a thriller movie, the tension is broken with the 1965 hit "Downtown" by Petula Clark.

Within 30 minutes a massive explosion, heard up to 40 miles aways, decimates the city block, damaging the foundation of Tennessee’s tallest building, and dozens of buildings nearby.

Despite the massive explosion, only a total of 8 injuries were reported, most of them very minor. In fact, every effort was made to protect human life. The FBI immediately took over investigations of the incident as an intentional act of terrorism.

But Why??

We will look at some of the important aspects of this incident, to understand the meaning and context of this massive, historic explosion. There are too many unanswered questions to gloss over, and there is actually a very strong case that this is part of a plot involving a much larger conspiracy.

We feel like we have cracked the code, and you will never guess how we did it.

As of writing, everyone interviewed on TV explicitly made no claims or prediction in ‘honor of the investigation’, and there is still no official sign of a motive whatsover.

We have been investigating around the clock and are here to propose some of our top suspects.

The investigation in the Oklahoma City Bombing took years, involved 28,000 interviews, and over one billion pieces of data. That was infinitely more tragic, claiming the lives of 168 souls, and injuring over 600 others. This explosion didn't kill anyone, yet the scale of the physical damage puts as one of the largest explosions in U.S. history by a domestic terrorist.

The intentional blast was on Christmas not to hurt, people, but to spare people.

On any other day, the bustling area would be crowded with people, going to work or going out on the town. But at 6 am on Christmas Day, 'not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse'. The warning shots at 5:30 am led to multiple police calls, who investigated the RV and called for the Bomb Squad. As the Bomb Squad made it’s way just before 6am, the a pre-recorded urgent alarm ordered everyone to evacuate.

“This area must be evacuated now. This area must be evacuated now. If you can hear this message, evacuate now. You have 14 minutes.”

The good news is much better than the bad news - the 'terrorist' was benevolent.


Not long after the news hit Twitter, a news piece from June resurfaced that immediately put this strongly into End Times and/or serious conspiracy territory.

On June 21st (Summer Solstice), a little known the Christian Doomsday Ministry called "Future of America" bought a full page ad in the Tennessean. They published an 'open letter', claiming they had "evidence" of a plot to detonate a nuclear bomb in Nashville.

Early on, this made for an easy, if only too predictable, suspect. But of course, that would be too simple.

'Conspiracy Theories' immediately emerged on Twitter, with very interesting pieces of evidence, coupled with rumors, that make everything very difficult to determine. For example, was this a protest against 5G? If so, we would be looking for a manifesto.

The over-arching narrative relates to election fraud and/or computer hacking.


The target was not people, it was the data servers at AT&T. But why would a multi-billion dollar corporation become a target by a domestic terrorist?? The answer may be more complicated than we can even imagine.


Just a few weeks ago, the unprecedented hacking of SolarWinds was exposed. This cannot be understated. Solarwinds was purchased by SunGard around 2015, which had a Data Center located right at at the base of the explosion ( 200 Commerce Street). In fact, the explosion to the sensitive electronics at this Data Center shut down a major network hub for AT&T. It knocked reception and internet in Tennessee and several surrounding States. Later, the Airport had to ground all planes - not because of a terrorism threat, but because the data networks were down from the damage to the network hub destroyed at the AT&T buildings and servers. In fact, the servers got completely flooded when the water cooling pipe burst, and so it was pretty catastrophic to the servers. This was clearly the target.

So why shut down computer servers??

Election Fraud?

The biggest conspiracy in American History in the exact moment, is whether or not there was a fair election this past November. The division that this has caused our country is immeasurable. As we write this, there are still rumors, or the possibility, that President Trump will refuse to concede the election. Beginning long before the election, Trump told all of his supporters, roughly around half the country, that there would be massive voter fraud causing him to lose. The die hard MAGA networks are as convinced as ever that the election was 'stolen'. This is compounded by the general senility of President Elect Biden, and the divisiveness of the establishment Democrat party and/or the perceived radicalness of Kamala Harris.

The division in our country right now could be higher than it has ever been, and many believe that we are a powder keg with the political tensions compounded over a global pandemic and economic crisis. Could this be an act hoping to spark the massive powder keg to explode?

Dominion Voting Systems

A theory making the rounds on twitter but not supported by any mainstream media or government, is that the explosion destroyed evidence from Dominion Voting machines that proved that there was election fraud. The rumor has it that thousands of Dominion Voter Machines were being audited as part of the Election Fraud investigation, and that they were shipped to the AT&T Building.

Georgia Runoff Election

Regardless of the election last month, there is an historic election just next week. The election is giving Democrats rare opportunity to take not one but both Senate seats in Georgia, and this could not be more dramatic. The Democrats , representing hope and future, have raised and spent more than any other election, over and on top of what they already spent on the Nov. 4th election that ended in a draw.

The Republican incumbents are as corporate backed as any politician can possibly be. Sen. Perdue was formerly the CEO of Dollar General, one of the leading companies with a business model to profit directly from poverty in this country. Kelly Loeffler is much worse. She is the richest member of Congress, in history, by far. Her husband is the Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange, and his company actually owns the Exchange. They are billionaires.

Kelly Leoffler was not elected, she was appointed. Both Loeffler and Perdue have been accused of insider trading, profiting million just during the pandemic.

These two Senators are so broadly despised that one President Trump's own lawyers, fighting to overturn the election entirely, is calling for a boycott of the Georgia election, and potentially the arrest of the Republican Incumbents, supposedly because they were complicit in the voter fraud. Why would he want Republicans to boycott the election, potentially boosting the Democrats into a win? There are reasons but that's not the point.

The point is, this election is the most consequential that an election can possibly be. If the Democrats upset the Incumbents, President Biden will be able to push just about anything through both Democrat controlled chambers. If The Republicans win, they might effectively block any progress whatsoever. This election is like Schrodingers Cat, as of this writing, it could really go either way. And how is this Special Election runoff during a pandemic being managed? By Dominion Voting Systems, the same company accused strongly of voter fraud by Trump supporters.

Whether or not the Nashville explosion actually destroyed evidence or any past or future voter fraud, it did shut down the internet servers, not an ideal time with just about a week before the election.

"Downtown" by Petula Clark

If there is one message that is explicitly, it is hidden in the 1965 hit song, "Downtown". This is where the story gets very interesting, if not simply ironic, artistic, cinematic or surreal.

Mainstream news outlets jump to interpret the opening lyrics, “When you’re alone and life is making you lonely, you can always go downtown”. The narrative suggests that the pandemic crisis lead to such profound loneliness, which could have potentially drive someone mad enough to ‘go postal’. This certainly may have played a role, but doesn’t factor in the complexity and scale.

This song was actually a clue – a reference - to explain something far more complex than the initial layer of interpreting the lyrics. This is clearly a major clue to his Manifesto.... but where does it lead us exactly??

Right where you never thought this rabbit hole could possibly go – Seinfeld. As good as any Simpsons Prophecy, this direct link is certain to surprise you. The two part episode can be interpreted to directly calling out and explain voter fraud by the USPS, in complex yet clear metaphor.

Seinfeld Episode 131 (1996) -

“The Bottle Deposit”

This episode has several plotlines, coming together around the song "Downtown", a set of Presidential golf clubs, and a scam to use USPS trucks to transport large quantities of bottles (a fill-in for ballots) across state lines. We urge you to watch the full Seinfeld episodes, which are still hilarious and eerily relevant, but we break it down for you here. Essentially, by replacing "Bottles" for "Ballots" this specific episode clearly defines a scheme for voter fraud that has been described for months by Trump supporters.

An unknown and highly complex report is required from George, but his only clue is the song, "Downtown", the same song played just minutes before the Nashville Explosion. This reference brings us to this specific episode, where Jerry and George are trying to decode the lyrics to find out what it means.

At the same time, Newman, the Postal worker, is devising a plan to steel *Ballots from New York, and ship them in a Mail Truck to Michigan to be counted. There are so many bottles in New York that it is easy to steel them from Homeless people by the thousands. They want to deposit them in Michigan, where they are worth twice as much as in New York.

Similarly, due to the electoral college system, votes inside cities are worth less than in rural areas. But if a ballot were to somehow make its way from one jurisdiction to another, it would be worth more where it is counted. This is exactly what is being accused of - ballots being shipped in from other places on Mail Trucks.

As if this isn't enough, there is a parallel plotline involving a set of golf clubs owned by President John F. Kennedy. The irony is President Trump is the most prolific golfer the White House has ever scene, and was briefed on the Nashville bombing from a golf course.


We know that Anthony Quinn was a smart guy - we worked as relatively successful IT Technician, starting his own firm, owning at least two houses (that he gave away) and announcing his retirement earlier this month. Why would he go through the efforts to mastermind such a plan? He had one song - out of any - to share his message. He could have published a manifesto or played a scripted statement. But instead he chose one song- which lead us straight back to what everyone is talking about - voter fraud.

The mainstream narrative will continue to deny any and all voter fraud, but meanwhile, the President continues to say it was all a fraud. This severely destabilizes our country when we are so polarized.

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